AppKq Team

When you break it down,
it's all about the people

A great team combines exceptional people with challenging problems.

Doug Pirkle


Transparency creates a culture of empowerment; and a more empowered team is a more productive team. We grow and innovate together with, and inspired by, our customers.

Jennifer Frazer

Head of Business

We constantly aspire to ‘outdo our best’. As one global team, we take ownership over the quality of our own contributions. We keep at it until we get it right.

Michael Hawkins

Head of Operations

Diversity, belonging, and inclusion are rooted in our being. We celebrate individuality together as a team. We strive to build both a company and a platform.

Evelyn Zeller

Head of Development

We celebrate our successes, we learn from our failures and we always own the results. We’re accountable to one another and value opinions.

Our mission.

While we absolutely love productivity software, we believe productivity, in general, is broken. There's just too many tools to keep track of, too many things in entirely separate ecosystems. There has to be a better way to work - that's why we created AppKq, first an internal tool, now as a way to fulfill our vision of making the world more productive.

We consider each customer’s needs unique and constantly strive to be the driver of growth for every industry or market we encounter. Within our offices, we are eager to celebrate the various identities and cultures of our staff through dedicated groups and events.